Bible Broadcasting Network

BBN, an International, Christian Radio Network has an opportunity for a Broadcast Staff Engineer who wishes to dedicate his talents and abilities to Christian Ministry:

Principal Duties & Responsibilities:

    • Work with existing Engineering Management and Staff in the construction and maintenance of AM & FM transmitter sites

    • Install equipment and interconnect wiring at studio and transmitter locations using Network engineering practices and applicable codes

    • In-house construction and testing of wiring harnesses, switching controllers, etc.

    • Document equipment and wiring

    • Maintain, troubleshoot and repair broadcast transmitters, RF and audio equipment, interconnect wiring, satellite uplink and downlink equipment and broadcast studio equipment

    • Periodic travel for radio station construction and major maintenance at existing stations

Required Knowledge:

    • Understanding of electrical and electronics theory and AM/FM radio transmission

Required Education:

    • Associate Degree in Electronics Technology or equivalent education or experience

Experience Preferred, but not Required:

    • Construction and maintenance of AM & FM broadcast transmitters, transmission systems, antennas, remote control equipment, etc.

    • Installation and maintenance of radio studio equipment including mixers, processors, and switchers

    • Installation, orientation and maintenance of satellite uplink and downlink antennas, transmitters and receivers

    • Bench work, including circuit board soldering, wiring, and harness construction

General Requirements:

    • Team player with good interpersonal skills and willingness to assist others

    • Self-motivated and organized with a desire to learn new skills as required

    • Good communication skills

    • Good organizational skills with attention to documentation accuracy and detail

    • Good problem-solving and troubleshooting skills

Required Abilities:

    • Read, comprehend, interpret and carry out detailed technical instructions

    • Communicate clearly and concisely, both verbally and in writing

    • Use mathematics for electronic formula and parameter calculations

    • Accomplish some physical labor, indoor and outdoor, related to transmitter site builds, equipment placement, etc.

Qualified and interested contacts by e-mail only with resume attached: