Global Scholars

Contributed by Liam Atchison, Director of Faculty Recruiting at Global Scholars.

Over 100 million university students around the world do not have a professor who can articulate a biblical worldview. Consider the impact you can make as a Christian teaching engineering in a secular university outside of North America.

Global Scholars places professors in strategic universities worldwide, matching the professor’s expertise with the current needs of the university. The primary responsibility is to teach with excellence; to provide exemplary service to the academic community, including colleagues and students; and to conduct oneself in research and service for the blessing of the broader community in which one lives. We are particularly looking for those who have their PhD, but, generally speaking, if you are qualified to teach in the United States or Canada, you are qualified to teach overseas.

Many people are surprised that the universities in most countries usually request that Global Scholars professors teach in the English language. You should also be aware that, due to the unstable economies and the high cost of living for expatriates in most countries where Global Scholars works, the university salary is often insufficient. However, working within an approved budget, Global Scholars can help the candidate raise support through church contacts, family, friends, as well as through foundations and grants to make up any shortfall.

Whether you feel called to teach overseas, or you are exploring you options for using your gifts and training to further the Kingdom, you really should consider Global Scholars. Contact Dr. Liam Atchison, Director of Faculty Recruiting, or fill out a preliminary application online at: